For many couples, the most important goal after their marriage is becoming parents. Whether it had come up shortly after they first met, or it was a dream since childhood. Raising a child is a dream for many young women and their husbands.

Unfortunately live does not always work out, as planned. And so it comes, that many couples are being confronted with the pain of infertility.

Infertility was defined of not being able to conceive within 1 year of unprotected intercourse, or 6 months for a woman of over the age of 35.

While most women might fear, that infertility is something only they have to bear, it is far more common, than one might think! Around 12% of the couples, who are seeking to become pregnant are having trouble with infertility or sustaining a pregnancy. This is a shocking number for a developed country.

Not all causes are so clear even amongst scientists. Approximately 1/3 of all cases are due to the infertility of the woman, 1/3 of the infertility of the man and the final third is either unexplainable or has the reasons in both partners.

On the other hand, it is not so easy in general, for a woman to become pregnant. Even with regular intercourse only 20 - 25% of women become pregnant in any given month according to the 'National Women's Health Resource Center' studies.

Around 90% of the couples, who seek medical advise, are being helped with drugs. Only 3 - 5% will go further and use advanced technology, like in vitro fertilisation.

With this said, most couples start to look for conception symptoms every week in hope for the desired outcome. It is better to look for signs of conception, rather than fear infertility in the first place. What should these couples look for?

Signs of Conception can easily be seen, if you know, what to look for. So there should be a quick overview here about the signs in general. Before fearing infertility, be sure you look for these conception symptoms:

Light Spotting is the first Sign of Conception, you can see, because it appears well before the day, the period is due. If it is pinkish or brownish in color and cannot be confused with a light period, then this is the first conception symptom. Next comes breast tenderness for most women. While this also appears during a normal period, the tenderness normally goes after a few days. If it stays for a longer period of time, it is a very good sign of conception. When you are over your due day of your period, then this is obviously the strongest conception symptom. Morning sickness comes much later and only appears after a few weeks.

As a woman, who has trouble conceiving, or if you are afraid of Infertility, you should definitely start measuring your body basal temperature every morning. The temperature is a very interesting indicator for the state, your body is in. Check Wikipedia: Basal body temperature to get a first impression and then get yourself a thermometer and start writing down the temperature every day. It is not only worth it, to check your body state, but also to find the most fertile days within your cycle.

We will help you fight infertility by giving you important tips and a checklist to do the right things.

We are putting together these information pages in the hope, that we can help you with your biggest wish of becoming parents!

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